Dr. Nicole James Presents
7 Keys of Quantum Nutrition
Reclaim Your Innate Healing Power
  • Understand the nature of dis-ease in your body
  • ​Self-regulate your nervous system, thoughts, and emotions
  • Align your conscious awareness with your desires
IN This Free WEBINAR You Will
Tap into the mind, thoughts, and emotions with an understanding that the root cause of illness
Learn what shapes physical reality, and how it connects to your mind, body, and emotions.
Discover what it means to "self-heal" using environment, supplementation, and mindset.
Dr. Nicole James
Nicole James is a certified functional medicine practitioner, certified nutritional consultant, speaker, mentor, and business coach. She has been in private practice for over 10 years, working with clients across the nation and around the world. Her focus is to discover underlying root causes of imbalance and disease by optimizing health through functional and nutritional testing, advanced detoxification protocols, energy field analysis, ancient healing modalities, and rewiring the mind-body connection. As The Quantum Nutritionist Nicole teaches the power of the mind and energy field, what influences it, and the dramatic effects it can have on the body, creating wellness or dis-ease.  
"7 Keys of Quantum Nutrition"
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